Streaming music

Now that I have streamed twice, once with my mentor Jose, and once publically, last night, I'm getting over-enthusiastic and want to do MORE.   :-)  I'd like to include music in the next webcast. How do I do this? The music rights will not be a problem - I shall use a CD I made myself with friends. But, the technical question: how do I feed music into the webast as well as speech?



Dennis aka Osnacantab 

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You can stream anything playing on your sound card.  This can be heard by anyone listening to the stream from the shoutcast server.  If you want people in your skype call  to be able to hear the same music also then, you must temporarily set audio coming into skype from your mic to your sound card in your skype window.  Easier said than done!  

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

Hi Dennis,

Just play your podsafe tunes in any media player, and it will end up in the stream via your soundcard (i.e., just like a Skype conversation, or any other "sound" on your computer).

Looking forward to hearing your tunes!


Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training