Pam's Reflections

I am looking forward to working with Derrall Garrison and Dennis Oliver on our first interncast on Thursday evening!  Check here for a link to the fixed time zone link.  Please attend if you can.  We will be discussing Second Life, from the point of view of newbies.  We will talk about some of our funny experiences, some tips we wish we had known when we were first getting started, and our hopes for using Second Life in the future. 

Something I worked on this past week was figuring our how to set up my new USB microphone headset so that it would record both ends of a Skype call.  I finally figured it out last night!  The trick is using Audacity version 1.2.6, not Beta version 1.3. 

I am working on creating a document with screen shots of all the programs and settings I use for webcasting.  I'll share when I get it finished!

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