WOW 2.0 February 20, 2007 Show Finally!


Capturing the recording was simple enough but the audio levels could have been better.  All mics were very loud and although I edited the levels the quality was compromised.  I would try to do a better job of getting people to adjust their mics and trying to do a better job controlling the audio input on my end using stereo mix.

The next challenge had to do with exporting this this hour long file to a reasonable size.  My first several attempts took forever to render and then were too large to upload!  Cheryl gave me some advice on reducing file size as did Jeff and Dave.  Go into preferences in Audacity and reduce the mp3 file export size to  64 or 40.  The end result was a file under 18mb.  The first file I created was 54mb! 

Word to the wise, once you leap the streaming hurdle there are still a few more obsticles ahead of you.

Kathy Shields (sendkathy)

Hi Kathy,

  For some reason, the splashcast audio player is not loading for me in Firefox or MSIE.  Have you been able to create an audio content type by clicking 'create content/audio'?  That should automatically create an audio player for your post as well.