The Big Six for It's Elementary

What is our plan for this show?

1. What is your show concept?

Technology integration at the elementary school level. Exploring ways to go beyond barriers at our schools and districts. A forum for Elementary School teachers to discuss issues around technology in their schools. A space to showcase Best Practices.

2. Who would be on the show? Tell us about each host

Maria Knee - Kindergarten teacher in Deerfield, NH
Jose Rodriguez - Third grade teacher in Los Angeles CA
Alice Mercer - Fifth grade teacher in Sacramento CA
Mrs Durff - Teacher and Librarian at private Christian school in Maryland.

3. How often do you plan to broadcast?

2nd and 4th Monday or each month, starting on Monday July 9th at 7:00 EST

4. Why do you want to be on EdTechTalk vs. any other place/hosting it yourself?

This is the space where we met We are part of the edtechtalk community. Edtechtalk has the infrastructure and platform to make our webcast effective, and y'all (ETT) need more elementary focus and penetration.

5. How does your show fit into the EdTechTalk and Worldbridges community? What will it contribute? What do you hope to gain from being a part of this community?

Here is the about page from our blog:

Our webcast focuses on policies and approaches for elementary teachers when they use technology in their classrooms. The discussion is lead by educators who are currently integrating technology in the elementary classroom, but still see themselves as part of the conversation in developing better ways for use of technology at the elementary school level. Our show has an open platform that allows for round table discussions so educators can participate in these conversations.

a. Is there a mission statement for Worldbridges?

We see It's Elementary Webcast as contributing to our shared knowledge in the edupodosphere. We are going beyond the walls of our classrooms and connecting educators and their students with the edtech community.

b. Do you have a webcast/podcast now? Where?

very irregular podcasts of primary students reading called Booktalk2 from mrsdurff on PodOmatic
(scroll down past the 7th grade commercials, which we never finished at the end of school, as we had another difficult journey to make...)
podcasts from mizmercer

coordinator2's podcasts

6. What kind of help would you need to get started?

Feedback from edtechtalk community.
Access to edtechtalk channel.
Technical support as we begin our first webcasts.
Support and encouragement from edtechtalk community as we embark on this journey of discovery.
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