Master Windows Volume Control

Do you need a master administration tool for Windows volume control?

ZVolume Home 2006 is a nice, powerful replacement to the standard Windows volume and mute control (freeware).

It can be vastly customized, including changing its look using skins. It supports hotkeys and command-line parameters as well as all other functions the standard Windows volume control supports.

Bit rate 64 settings using a Mac

I am feeling little challenged - something that I am sure will be a consistent phenomena for the next 6 weeks. Learning the concept in "windowspeak" and then translating to "macspeak is a bit of a learning curve. I found the method to set a bit rate of 64 for the Mac version of Audacity is established in Audacity preferences> File Format> MP3 Export Setup then the drop down menu> 64. If I have posted this entry twice - it maybe the beginning of that head knocking thing I heard about.

Sound Card Manager

RoMac Sound Card Management allows you set up each of your programs that use a sound with its own individual levels for a sound card, and then launch the program. When you quit the selected program, the RoMac Sound Card Management utility will return all the sound card levels back to normal. It works also for Windows Vista (freeware).


Checklist for Audio Setup to Webcast in Windows: Streaming

Jeff's Screencast on this

First part is just like for recording. If you aren't recording, skip opening Audacity, but do the rest...
_ Set up audio settings in Windows (right click on speaker icon at lower right of screen)
_ Open Volume Controls
_ Options; Properties

Week#2 Recording both ends of a telephony call

Skills:   Recording both ends of a telephony call (in a way that will allow you to stream that audio). 
               Audio editing basics.

Resources:  Audacity:  We recommend the Beta Version.  1.3.3
                        Virtual Audio Cables  and Audio Hijack Pro.

Screencasts:  ­

Using Audacity to Edit Audio

Recording both ends of a telephony cal­l in Windows

Configuring Audio Specifications in Audacity

Setting Preferences in Audacity - Windows

      Recording both ends of a telephony call in Mac

Meeting Agenda  Below

  • Review of Week One
    • Text and Audio Introductions
    • Uploading Audio to Webcast Academy
    • Specs..... Specs...... Specs.......
    • Feedback left to interns
    • Intern Workshop Session
  • Recording Two-Way Audio
    • Setting up your system. 
    • Virtual Audio Cables For Windows and Audio Hijack for Mac
    • Using Audacity to record
    • Calling the Skype Lady to test or other interns
    • Check the Skype Chat for willing partners
    • Checking Audio Levels in Skype call
  • Audio Editing Basics
    • Using Audacity tools and Effects



    Record and publish a 3-5 minute telephony call with at least one other person.  Please DO NOT use one of the 3rd party applications that will not support streaming during the next step (i.e PowerGramo, HotRecorder, etc.). Windows users, you will need to get acquainted with Virtual Audio Cables.  Mac users, audio hijack or soundflower.

EuroMini Meeting 3 Thursday 16.11.06

Webcast Academy EuroMeeting 2
Thursday, Nov. 16, 200
Download mp3 (Only part of the recording due to an ecco-problem)

  • The “round” - where are you? – what are your problems/solutions now?
  • How can we best help others - in this little Euro-group?
  • Reports on AVC – anyone learned more?
  • Report on i-Sound from Niels
  • Reflections on content in our coming podcasts – who want to do what?
  • Round up – decision on meeting time – next week?
Chat Log not recorded


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