The dreaded echo in Nicecast!

The dreaded echo! While streaming and using Nicecast and Skype, I would experience an echo chamber and I would have to delay my speaking. I checked my system preferences, the microphone was selected. I checked SKYPE and the microphone was selected. I checked Nicecast and the microphone was selected!


Nicecast+Audio Hijack+Ventrilo+Jacpilot: Creating the most versatile setup

Here, I am setting up a system for live broadcasting.  Using Ventrilo I have used Jack pilot to broadcast into a Ventrilo server with succes, the problem is listeners must be in the same server with the host.  Now I am using nicecast and and broadcast and at this time I am having problems using Hijack or Jackpiolt for that matter to broadcast.  Webcasting is great and I think down the short road I will sove my issues to choose Hijack as source with luck and be able to utilize the sounds from, Logic Pro, itunes, Djay, quicktime, the web or any other sound source for that matter.

The Real Show for Wow2, show 11

This was a great show, Susan Ettenheim, Paul Allison, Lee Baber,Dave Cormier, Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, all chat about the podcasting, blogging and elggs happening among the group. Grab a cup of tea and join us.


Catch up with Wow2

Hm, it seems like I need to catch up with all the posting. Since Women of Web 2.0 post to podomatic, and I am usually just trying to get things done and on to the next thing on my list, I've neglected my webcast blog.

So here goes.When I looked back, the numbering of the shows is just a little nonsequential. So, I"ll try and get back in order and make available all the shows or links to shows here.


 Even though this says it is Week 10, really it is show number 8!

Women of WEB 2.0 Show 7, show 8,parts 1 and parts 2

Whoops we missed a week. However, here are the shows week 7, and a 2 part show for week 8.


Week 7 David Warlick and Sheryl NB.

Week 8 Leslie Fisher

or listed here.



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